The Palm Beach Post - Mega Yachts To Be Berthed At The Port Of Palm Beach

As they travel the world’s oceans, mega yachts are bigger than ever, and loaded with amenities from theaters to spas. Along with professional crews of up to 50 people, they carry everything from helicopters to small submarines, Ferraris, Jeeps and jet skis.

The proliferation of super yachts — loosely defined as privately-owned vessels longer than 100 feet — has resulted in a shortage of berths large enough to accommodate them. Most cannot fit into the average marina.

Starting in November, Berth One International, a new venture at the Port of Palm Beach in Riviera Beach, will help fill the demand with a mega yacht berth — and bring the port $1.3 million in revenue over the next three years.

The berth at the port’s northern end can hold up to two 180-foot yachts, or one larger yacht of up to 400 feet. With a depth of 27 feet, the berth’s waters can accommodate the huge vessels with their deep drafts of 15 to 20 feet.

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PressKevin O'Conor